About Us


Our dental and orthodontic office has been continuously working and improving since 2005. Dental office was founded by Justyna Zaorska who has been working for this proffesion for almost 20 years. She started dental practise in 1999. We specialise in orthodontics, aesthetic dentistry, teeth whitening, dental prosthetics and dental prophylaxis.


We offer state-of-the art equipment and the best quality materials. However for us the most important is to improve our knowledge and learn about latest achievements in world science and practice especially in the field of orthodontics. Look at our certificates.

Patient-friendly atmosphere

In our dental practice the patients are often children. This is why friendly and caring atmosphere is our priority. Thanks to Justyna Zaorska, who is our dentist, both adult and young patients feel comfortable and they are always happy to come back.
Offer: Free-of-charge check up, diagnosis and treatment plan!